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Crazy Beautiful You Filem : Filem ini telah ditayangkan pada Tahun 2015 di Filipina. Namun di astro telah diulangtayang. Cik akak siap 2 kali menonton. Serius cik akak suka dengan plot Crazy Beautiful You Filem ini. 

Crazy Beautiful You Filem ini menampilkan pelakon Kathryn Bernardo dan Daniel Padilla. Mengisahkan kisah cinta dan pengorbanan. Saat mengecapi bahagia. Cinta dan kasih sayang diuji hinggakan watak kiko terpaksa membuat pilihan. Memilih antara kasih sayang dan cinta. 

Sinopsis Crazy Beautiful You : Jackie (Kathryn Bernardo) is a troubled, nineteen-year-old wild child, much to the dismay of her separated parents. Her only interest lies within photography, and she hopes that she can one day move to New York to study and escape her complicated life. One night, Jackie is thrown in jail after crashing her car while drag racing with some other teenagers. Finally fed up of Jackie's reckless antics, her father sends her off to spend time with her mother (Lorna Tolentino) on a medical mission camp in Tarlac. Both her parents are hopeful that the experience will straighten her out. Jackie however, has no intention of following through with orders and tries to sneak out of the house, only to be stopped by her older brother who was sent by their mother to collect her.
During the car trip, Jackie points out that she never got over the fact that her mother didn't take her with her when she left her father. Jackie convinces her brother to stop for a bathroom break at a marketplace where she attempts to escape yet again. Here she meets the lively Kiko (Daniel Padilla), who helps her retrieve her mobile phone from a thief. She offers to pay Kiko to take her to the nearest bus terminal so she can head back to Manila, however is shocked when he takes her to a hotel where her mother is waiting for her. It is revealed that Kiko knew who Jackie was all along and is one of the coordinators for the volunteer medical mission. He had been assigned by both Jackie's mother and the mayor of the town (who is also his father), to act as Jackie's escort and guide on the trip.
While at the hotel, in one last bid to escape, Jackie manages to trick Kiko and proceeds to take his car. It is only when she's driving for some time that she discovers Kiko's younger brother is in the car. She drops him off intending to leave him, however guilt gets the better of her and she stays with him until Kiko finds them and takes them back. Later on, Kiko is seen bailing his carefree mother out of jail. At the mayor's house, Kiko tells Jackie that while the mayor is his father he does not live there as he has a different family. He however, lives with his mother and three younger siblings, acting as head of the family. It is here also that Jackie becomes acquainted with Marcus (Inigo Pascual), Kiko's brother, via video call. Marcus, currently studying abroad, had first noticed Jackie after seeing her in Manila while she was drag racing, and has been infatuated with her ever since.
Back at the hotel, Jackie's mother makes a deal with her that if she completes the full period of the medical mission, she will fund Jackie's studies in New York and give her the freedom she desperately seeks. The next day, Kiko takes Jackie to the medical mission in a remote mountain community where she initially finds it difficult to adjust to the conditions. After her mother arrives at the medical mission, Jackie becomes visibly upset after seeing her being openly affectionate with the children she is treating. Jackie runs off, and her mother follows after which she demands to know the reason why she was the one left behind. Her mother reveals that she made multiple attempts to take Jackie with her, however her father prevented any previous contact. Jackie voices her struggle with growing up without her mother and expresses her inability to forgive her. She walks off, determined to finally leave once and for all, only to be followed by Kiko.
Kiko scolds Jackie for her constant wallowing in self-pity when others are suffering too. Kiko then receives an frantic call from his younger brother that his sister is bleeding for an unknown reason. Jackie drives Kiko back and helps out his sister, after learning that she had just gotten her period. Kiko thanks Jackie for her help and takes her to the bus terminal, however she has a change of heart and goes back to the medical mission to fulfil her deal for her New York plans.
Jackie begins to put more effort into the mission and becomes closer to the people of the community. She also manages to patch things up with her mother and soon, she and Kiko find themselves falling in love. Marcus returns from the U.S early and visits the medical mission. He and Kiko end up competing for Jackie's affection, and Kiko decides to give Jackie up out of love for his brother. Jackie directly and firmly rejects Marcus' advances, because she is in love with Kiko. Hurt that Kiko would give her up so easily, she confronts him for not fighting for love and leaves for Manila. Meanwhile, Marcus confronts Kiko for always being the better of the two of them and a fight ensues, broken up by their father and his wife. Kiko finally talks to his father and asks him to fight for him too, because he is also his son. Heartbroken, Jackie and Kiko have both gone their separate ways.
The mayor finally decides to establish more of a father-son relationship with Kiko, while Jackie has decided not to go to New York but to help her mother in her charitable works. Marcus and Kiko reconcile and they go to Manila to find Jackie again. Kiko calls Jackie and manages to find her in Manila. He admits his feelings for her and the two become a couple. The movie ends in a romantic shot of Jackie and Kiko happily.

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banyak trafik ni blog sinopsis drama & novel. keep it up kak

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zaman filipino kembali lg hehehe..xmasak la kalau tayang bulan pose hehe



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