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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sinopsis Filem Baby Driver

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Sinopsis Filem Baby Driver : Filem tengah hangat di pasaran. Sekarang ni boleh layan panggung wayang je. Kat astro first cik akak tak pasti lagi. Apa yang menariknya filem baby driver ni korang baca je Sinopsis Filem Baby Driver. Bila dilihat pada tajuk, ingatkan baby yang jadi driver..rupanya tak..apa-apa selamat menonton.

Sinopsis Filem Baby Driver: Baby is a young getaway driver in Atlanta, Georgia. When he was a child, a car accident killed his parents and left him with severe tinnitus, which he blocks out by listening to music. He also records his everyday conversations and remixes them into songs using vintage audio equipment. Baby works for Doc, a mastermind heist planner, to pay off a debt he incurred after stealing one of Doc's cars. Baby lives with his deaf foster father, Joseph. After pulling off a robbery, Baby is told that the next job will pay off his debt. Baby meets waitress Debora at a diner he frequents, and they fall in love.
Doc's next heist, an armored car robbery, with a different crew, runs into difficulty after an armed veteran attempts to stop it. The crew escapes after a brief car chase on an interstate. Doc informs Baby his debt is paid. He instructs him to get rid of a car carrying the body of JD, one of the crew members, Doc killed for leaving his shotgun behind at the scene of the crime. Baby gets a job as a pizza delivery man. He takes Debora to a fancy restaurant, where he runs into Doc. Doc tells him he has to do another job, threatening to hurt him and his loved ones if he refuses.
The job is a post office robbery, where the plan is to steal blank money orders. The crew consists of members from the previous two heists: Buddy, a former stock broker turned criminal, his wife Darling; and the trigger-happy Bats. They go to acquire weapons from a dealer nicknamed the "Butcher". Realizing that the Butcher and his men are police, Bats kills them all. The group stops at the diner where Debora works, but an argument between Buddy and Bats prompts them to leave without eating. Doc chastises the group for killing the policemen, who were working for him. Doc calls off the heist, but changes his mind after Buddy reveals he knows another fence. Baby attempts to leave and run away with Debora, but he is stopped by Bats and Buddy, who find his recorder with their recorded conversation. On hearing one of his mixtapes, the group concludes that Baby is not trying to rat on them.
During the heist, Bats kills a security guard. An enraged Baby drives the car straight into a parked truck, impaling and killing Bats on an overhanging rebar. The remaining three flee the scene on foot. Baby then steals a car, but runs into Darling and Buddy's stolen truck. The police catch up to them and kill Darling. Baby steals another car and flees to his apartment. After leaving Joseph at an assisted living home with all of his money, Baby returns to the diner to get Debora, only to find Buddy waiting for him. Baby shoots Buddy and flees with Debora as the police close in.
Baby goes to Doc to retrieve one of his tapes. Doc refuses to help, but relents after seeing that Baby is in love with Debora. Doc gives them a bag of money and tells them to run. In the parking garage, they are ambushed by the Butcher's men. Doc kills them, but Buddy, who stole a police car, runs over Doc, killing him. Baby takes a truck and pushes Buddy's car off a ledge. However, Buddy escapes before the car falls, and fires his gun next to Baby's ears, temporarily deafening him. Debora knocks away Buddy's gun, which Baby uses to shoot him in the knee, causing him to fall off the parking garage to his death.
Debora tries to help Baby escape, but they are stopped by police, and Baby surrenders. At his trial, Joseph, Debora and several of the people Baby saved during the robberies testify in his defense. Baby is sentenced to 25 years in prison, with a parole hearing after five. Baby (whose real name is revealed to be Miles) receives postcards from Debora, who promises to wait for him. When he is released after five years, he finds Debora waiting for him, and they kiss.

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